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Collaboration frameworks
To fully justify IT spend an Organisation must first understand the Business processes and policies that are required to gather and utilise information to achieve expected outcomes. Key questions that need to be answered are who interacts with who and at what levels and which business unit processes need to align? AlignITís Collaboration frameworks identifies the types of advocacy, behaviours, policies and processes required to achieve the expected benefits from IT Investments. AlignIT works with you to create Collaboration frameworks that:
  • Establish Corporate Bodies and Committees
  • Establish Corporate wide decision making parameters
  • Establish Departmental decision making parameters
  • Allow for Corporate Knowledge Management
  • Identify investment in Corporate tools and enablers
  • Govern Information and Data management
  • Govern Shared Intellectual Property
  • Establish Business and IT Portfolios
  • Enable Stakeholder Definition
  • Establish accountability and responsibilities
Our Mission

"Aligning IT investment with strategic business outcomes"
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