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In 2019 our desire remains the same. Working with leading companies has evolved our focus on Business Intelligence and its relationship with IT Strategy and Investment planning. We understand that underpinning success has to be an absolute requirement for strategic organisational objectives to be aligned to the business justification decision making process i.e. an alignment of strategic direction and investment prior to the approval of spend on IT projects. Get this wrong and the projects successfully deliver the wrong outcomes.

AlignIT services make it possible to establish an effective Collaboration Framework required for an organisation to fully leverage its Strategic Investment in IT towards whole business success. Critical to that success is the formation of better practices' processes to execute the desired strategy. Our unique practical Collaboration Framework identifies the inputs, processes, measures and behaviours required from the departments/business units that extract the most benefits from portfolios and projects.

AlignIT is a product independent company because our philosophy is that apart from 'best of breed' we should choose 'best for business' today and into the future. Our people work with your business and provide independent, trustworthy advice. We work with you to ensure that your business goals are realised through effective Investment, Collaboration and Execution across your portfolios.
Our Mission

"Aligning IT investment with strategic business outcomes"
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